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Rockin' Memories Video Promo Page

Want a top level 10-piece horn-driven Vegas-style band, but it’s not in your budget?
No problem!  We can help with that!  Rockin’ Memories is your answer!  Get the full sound of a 10-piece with just two people! 

Yep, you get real vocals without any pitch-correcting enhancements along with real playing…
not store bought, not downloaded, not programmed and not from any other form of artificial
music production! That’s real music with all parts played by Drummer/Keyboardist/Arranger/Composer

Bruce Rudolph along with clear and powerful vocals y multi-award-winning Vocalist Pam Barker

that you can understand and sing along with on all those great memories from the ‘50s & ‘60s.

What a concept, eh?

And no, we are not The Captain and Tennille. But they had a great idea...and so do we! 
(Just pretend the 10-piece is hiding behind the curtain!)

Scroll Down to see our sample Videos so you can see for yourself how we do what we do! 

(Just click the song titles)

                                                                                                                                                         Let’s Party!!


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