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Check out these great jazz originals by Bruce Rudolph!

These full-length clips are lower quality for the purpose of faster download times for listening. Full digital quality is available when purchasing CDs 

Bone-Buster Boogie


Get It Straight

Take It To The T.O.P.

Take It To The T.O.P. is a salute to one of the great all-time horn-driven funk/fusion bands ever -- Tower Of Power!

Gravy Cake

King's Ransom

King's Ransom was written for one of the all-time great pioneering Conga Masters, King Errisson. King is featured on this selection on Congas.

Waltz Of The Better Days

Waltz Of The Better Days was based on a chord progression written by Keith R. Wenger (Minneapolis, Mn) in 1971.
Bruce Rudolph wrote the rest of the tune to work with that progression in 1999.

wwuTTda FFunk

wwuTTda FFunk was written for Bruce's son, Douglas Rudolph in 1999 and features him (Doug) doing "Beat Box".

Sassy Slut

Move It On Over


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First Class Ticket

Pamela Sue

Amanda Leigh

Down By The Old Crawdad Hole

Dream On You

Funk In A

Forever Punky

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