Rockin' Memories' - Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph

Bruce Rudolph - Classic "Cover" Arrangements

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These full-length clips are lower quality for faster downloads while you listen. Full digital quality is available when you purchase CDs.

2001 - A Star Trek

Flight Of The Bumble Bee

Dancing Melda

Peanut Vendor

The William Tell Overture

Bongo Rock



...And...check out Bruce's arrangements of a medley of tunes well-known to fans of Buddy Rich and his band!  Keep in mind all of the music you hear on this site is arranged & performed by Bruce Rudolph on Drums & MIDI Keyboard.  The songs are "Midnight Cowboy", "Big Swing Face", "Norwegian Wood", "Chanel One Suite", and a little teaser at the end that pays a little salute to Buddy's "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" ending!

A Tribute To Another "B R"






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