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Pam Barker & Bruce Rudolph have a unique & powerful marketing advantage, too:
For smaller budgets & venues, they can perform as a duo with Bruce on keyboards utilizing a recorded background arranged & performed entirely by him on drums & keyboard synth (NOT "store bought" or "karaoke" tracks). For venues where the budget allows, they use a live band (with horn section), & Bruce moves to the drums.
Either way, the audience is in for a powerful, exciting, totally enjoyable & highly entertaining experience of a "Rockin' Memories" performance!


NOW AVAILABLE! Rockin' Memories CDs 

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So.......what do you get when you see a "Rockin' Memories" live show?
Rockin' Memories features primarily the Rock-n'-Roll Music of the 50s & 60s, with some Country cross-over Classics, Jazz standards, favorites of the Big-Band era, and some feature production numbers from Broadway shows, and many novelty tunes designed for good ol' fashioned audience fun!



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